We’re Moving!

by Christopher B. Barnett

In what I hope is not a mistake, I’ve decided to close down Theology + Movies and launch a new (yet related) blog Theology + Culture. I’ve been busy over the past 12-18 months working on three book-length projects (two of which are already scheduled to come out in 2019), and I’ve been unable to devote the kind of attention to Theology + Movies that I once did. In short, I don’t think that I can continue to write the lengthy film reviews that I’ve been doing for the site; moreover, I’ve increasingly felt that the site’s focus on feature films was too limiting, not allowing engagement with other interesting cultural topics (music, sports, etc.). Thus the change.

For those who have enjoyed Theology + Movies — and I always appreciate your time and attention — please join me at the new site. I hope to get it up and running over the next few weeks. I’ll still blog about movies from time to time, but perhaps we’ll be able to find other common interests as well! Also consider following me on my new Twitter account: @C_B_Barnett.

In any case, I’m going to leave Theology + Movies online for those who still might find its contents useful.